You will be surprised to hear the explanation to this phrase: Love people, but don’t place them in your heart

You will find below a simple yet wise explanation from Yasmin Mogahed ‘s work.


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When you have someone/ something in your heart, other than God, you will suffer emotionally! There are no exceptions after this! Having someone in your heart out of your love for them, means that you give them control to your heart and to your happiness.  Literally, the other person has that full control!

Take for instance: Your love for this person is so great, that you cannot stand not having them with you all the time! Well…what if that person cannot be with you all the time??? What will happen to you then?

Because your love for them is deep in your heart, you might actually break down! Now think for a minute: Is loving someone so deep in your heart healthy for your emotionally and physically?


I am not saying that we should not love our partners, children, family, friends and the community. However, think of love this way: Yasmin Mogahed (a spiritual teacher) explains that there are two types of love. There is the love in the heart and the love that you carry in your hands.

The love in your heart is for one thing only and that is for God! That means the love of everything else (wife, children, family, etc.) is to be loved and be admired by holding them close to your heart like you hold a baby.


Loving the wrong way can create immense heartache, sometimes leading to harm to the physical body and to mental health.  See how loving the wrong way can be harmful?!

So because our heart is a sacred part of our body, we should be careful with what we place inside of it.

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