Yes, a mother can offer you what you desire

A mother can offer children:

1- non-judgmental listening ear

2- kind looks

3- gentle touch

4- positive words

5- support for me!

6- believe in me.


A mother should & can provide you with anything that you may need.

Now realistically speaking, some of these listed above, if not most of them may not be given by our mothers!

What then??

The only way out, is to replace that love with something else.


Imagination can create reality.

Imagine that you had a mother, with the descriptions listed above, how would you feel right now? Can you imagine the kindness, tenderness and softness of the love of a mother?

How do you feel right now?

You feel different!

What if you imagined this today and every time you were down? Who would you be as a person? Will you have self- love? Self-acceptance? More optimism? Would you be more approachable as personal growth takes place? More outgoing? More smiley? More kind?!!..

Through this activity, I guarantee that you will feel loved, respected and fulfilled!

Finally, what do you think of this? Can you do it? Another question, can imagination change my mood, spirit and emotions?

Guided Imagery has been used worldwide to counsel people and is also used for personal growth! So, yes!! Let’s use it to our advantage.

With success towards self-love.

Thank you,



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