If only you knew the power of worthiness. Do you know the feeling of being ‘worthy’?? That feeling gives you power. You feel like you are in control. You feel unbeatable. You can challenge the world. When you feel worthy you feel powerful. You feel that you are right, coming from confidence.

When you feel worthy, you feel that you deserve everything just as everyone else. When you feel worthy, you don’t judge yourself. When you feel worthy, you are your biggest supporter. You are your friend! Feeling worthy is so powerful. It feels as if you have everything you could ever wish for.

Wow, I wish they taught us in school how to feel Worthy. Question, if your friends felt worthy, would they have self-harmed themselves? If they felt worthy, would they have taken their lives away?

Worthiness is priceless. Its value is worth more than millions.

If you have ever felt worthy, you know what I mean…may God bestow that feeling upon us.

Can feelings of worthiness be gained? And, how so?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned, is to be easy on myself. Pressure is already surrounding me, I don’t need any more.

Just like you can train yourself to gain self-confidence, you can also train yourself to create and develop self-worthiness.


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