Why you should have hope when you are depressed

Why you should have hope when you are depressed?

Hope is necessary to everyone’s life. Those living with depression and  those who aren’t all need hope. That is because hope allows us to do things, to take good care of ourselves and others, and to let go of all that drains us.

Having a seed of hope allows you to consider seeking help. A supportive individual in your life and a mental health professional such as a doctor, a psychiatrist or a psychologist will help you in the healing process.  These health professionals help identify the problem, consider ways of resolving the problem (although you may be thinking that there is no way my problem can be solved, you never know unless you give it a try!)

Tip: Working with a mental health professional such a psychiatrist or a psychologist in identifying the problem and dealing with it through cognitive behavioural therapy will help you heal. Bringing hope to the table allows you to easily grasp the advice you are given by the health professional and speed the recovery.

How hope changed the lives of the following individuals:

“There is life at the end of the tunnel…people are thinking oh yeh, back off you stupid old woman. But I felt like they may be feeling right now. And I would never never believe that I could  be as well. I am more well than I have ever been in my life. My life is better in terms of I have a bounce in my step..I enjoy every day.”

Female, 50 years old

Most people, and I stress most people, do recover from depression…It can lead you to self harm, if you so get that far along the line. But if you cling on to the thought that most people recover and that you will get better…I would just stress that you need hope, you need hope that it is not the end of the line for you. You are very likely to get better but you need time. And you needn’t be too hard on yourself and think that you’re a failure and you’ve got it all wrong…you cannot see the end because your circumstances are such that you’re locked into this cycle of hopelessness, you can’t function, your brain doesn’t function, and you can’t believe then that you’re going to be okay as a human being, in which case you’ve just got to hang on. It’s lovely if you got the support and encouragement of those around you, but you’re not necessarily going to get that, and we needn’t pretend that you will. But as I say most people do get better with depression.”

Male, 67 years old

Where can a person find hope?

Remembering the joys of the past can bring you some hope! Can you recall the movie nights you had, what about the time you enjoyed a good read, how about the nice walk or a good and enlightening conversation you had. These memories remind you that there certainly was good times in your life. Although you may not feel passionate about life as you used to, things will change, they have to, nothing stays constant.  Who knows, maybe things can change for the better. Recalling the good memories you once had will help bring hope again to your life.

Why not be hopeful?


What is there to lose if you are hopeful? What are the disadvantages of being hopeful? I certainly cannot think of any.


In summary, hope is a necessity to everyone’s life, whether or not you have depression. Hope is especially needed for the beautiful souls of the depressed. Although having hope is not necessarily easy, it is certainly attainable. Recalling past good memories can help you remember that there were good times in your life and that it wasn’t all dull. With some patience and hope things will sway to change. After all, there are no disadvantages to acquiring hope, are there?!


It is all you need to change your life, I speak from experience.

The question for you is, what if you just had a seed of hope?!

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