Why do certain people enter our hearts? O.o?

What makes someone enter your heart?

Sometimes the person’s great qualities capture your attention because these qualities are themselves admirable.

Think about this:

A girl falls for this boy. Her friends ask her, “why do you like him?”

The girls answers well, he is…..

-well mannered


That means this girl has seen these qualities in action!

Similarly, for you to love God, you must open your eyes to His qualities. God has 99 names. And each name represents a quality. You can also recall the things He has done for you in the past, these things probably saved your life/a close one’s life.

Let’s look at one of His names out of the 99 names. The name He has is…

The Loving. This is the quality. But, how do we know that God is really loving? Where is the proof?!!

He takes care of you. You physical system is working. You have a bed to sleep in.



He has given you many things.

How many things do you have? Okay, that would be a long list! Never mind. How about, how many things do you have on you right now?!!

My clothing (my shirt and pants), my shoes, my socks…..

When you see the many things He has given and done for you, you then believe in His qualities.

All Loving, the AL in the Arabic language refers to:

  1. The Greatest at….
  2. Infinity

Now, knowing the above, this means:

-God’s love is the greatest and that love is infinite.

So, this explains why some of us fall in love. It is when we see or feel admirable qualities. 

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