The Importance of MENTAL HEALTH

What is mental health?

Mental health has many definitions.  It includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). And by social well-being it refers to your interaction with society (for example, do you tend to isolate yourself due to depression and anxiety? Do you interact positively with others?).

Why is mental health important?

Mental health is incredibly essential to be able to live a healthy and satisfying life. Mental health is to be able to handle daily stress and stress during hardships. Many people do not know much about mental health and that puts them at risk of having poor mental health. Because as you may know, everyone needs to take care of their mental health and if you are unaware of what it entails, you will not be able to take good care of it.

Mental Health helps with:

-better social interactions

-handling stress better

-Self-care (tips: Take good care of your hygiene, go out for a walk, take a trip, bake, work on fun projects, participate in a new sport activity, go to the library and pick a self-development book).

***People who are experience poor mental health often handle stress with stress.

How to develop mental health?

First of all, if you feel like you are stressed most of the time, its best that you speak to a health professional/ therapist. In your first visit, they will ask you what kind of things are stressing you, and then you both work on a plan to reduce or possibly eliminate the stress. This is such a life changing experience!!

Facts on mental health:

-Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29 year olds. For each adult who died there were 20 or more attempted suicide.

-Mental health effects all ages, education and income levels and cultures.

-Mortality rate due to suicide for men is 4 times the rate among women.

-Mental illnesses can be effectively treated, unlike what people think.

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