Seriously, are we ALL worthy??!

All souls are worthy!!!

Wait, do you mean to say that I am worthy like that person I know?

But how so?

Many of us we are made to feel that we are unworthy from a very young age.

Remember the times when:

-As a child, we always wanted attention. That’s the period where we are building our identities.

you would call on your mom or dad and they would be too carried away with what they are doing that they forget to respond.

-maybe you asked for help from your family members and they avoided you.

-maybe you wanted them to understand you, but instead they dismissed your feelings and blamed you for the way you were feeling.

-maybe they misunderstood you every time you communicated with them.

-they favoured your siblings over you.

-they were not as nice as you wished them to be.

-they disagreed with you all the time and conflict was always there between you and them.

-when you asked questions, made suggestions, voiced your concerns, perhaps they dismissed all of that.

-maybe when you speak they speak over you.

-maybe they never gave you the space to contribute to ideas.

-maybe they didn’t spend enough time with you.

You see, all these things when done over time, it tells the brain: ‘If my parents are not treating me well, that means I am not worthy of goodness.’

Firstly, you’ve got to understand that we are all born worthy. Unfortunately, people have their own issues and insecurities and end up dumping their dump on us.

Let’s look at worthiness for a little. What does it mean when we say ‘I am worthy?’ What determines that someone is worthy?

What makes someone unworthy???

Ask yourself this question, what determines who is worthy?

Instantly, the answer should be ‘we are all worthy’, period.

No one can determine who is worthy except for God. And God is fair and just and so He sees all of us as worthy.

The story of Adam and satan is quite an interesting one. Satan said that I am better than Adam. God did not like that.

So as a result he was punished.

This shows how we have no right whatsoever to judge others and to show pride over them.

We all have our unique qualities that are meant to be put to use.

So, simply put, we are all different yet we are all worthy!



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