Loving outside of my heart??!

Hey lovely people! I am telling you to love people but do not put them in your heart.


Now I understand the explanation in the previous blog post (You will be surprised to hear the answer…) about this way of loving may not be easy to grasp, simply because the entire world knows that love means having someone in your heart!!!

However, there are people in this world who follow the explanation provided above ( loving someone outside of the heart [i.e. loving the person by having them in your arms close to your heart!]). The advantage of applying this is, when there are relationship issues,  there will be less heartache!






Please keep in mind that loving someone by holding them dearly in your arms is still considered sincere love.. remember, the whole point of choosing not to place anyone in your heart is so heartaches don’t happen!! That’s all. There are no agendas after this 😀

When you control what should and should not go in your heart, you will certainly feel and become powerful! When you are powerful, you are not bound to anything. That means you are not tied down!! You have freedom! And you must be free to experience happiness!! Freedom can have many contexts. The freedom I am speaking about in this post, is the freedom of the heart!

Choose to love wisely, if you don’t want the heartache!

~All souls are worthy~







I Love Myself ❤❤❤

♥♥♡♥♥ Just because people don’t show love and mercy towards us doesn’t mean we have to stop there and put our lives on pause. If we did then we would be doing injustice to our soul.


People should be showing each other love and mercy. But if they don’t, then we have to show ourselves extra love and mercy. Another word for that is self care.


Always remember, I need to love my soul before others love me. That is more important to me!


I need to take care of myself. Love myself to the fullest.


I should not let other people’s behaviour control my emotions.


Yes, I can be upset at their behavior and I have every right to cry. But, I am not going to carry their behavior with me all day along.


I will not let their emotions control me. I will not be at the mercy of their behaviour.


I will love myself to the fullest, regardless if they choose to do so or not.

I choose to love myself the way I am! 🙂 ❤

Yes, a mother can offer you what you desire


A mother can offer children:

1- non-judgmental listening ear

2- kind looks

3- gentle touch

4- positive words

5- support for me!

6- believe in me.


A mother should & can provide you with anything that you may need.

Now realistically speaking, some of these listed above, if not most of them may not be given by our mothers!

What then??

The only way out, is to replace that love with something else.


Imagination can create reality.

Imagine that you had a mother, with the descriptions listed above, how would you feel right now? Can you imagine the kindness, tenderness and softness of the love of a mother?

How do you feel right now?

You feel different!

What if you imagined this today and every time you were down? Who would you be as a person? Will you have self- love? Self-acceptance? More optimism? Would you be more approachable as personal growth takes place? More outgoing? More smiley? More kind?!!..

Through this activity, I guarantee that you will feel loved, respected and fulfilled!

Finally, what do you think of this? Can you do it? Another question, can imagination change my mood, spirit and emotions?

Guided Imagery has been used worldwide to counsel people and is also used for personal growth! So, yes!! Let’s use it to our advantage.

With success towards self-love.

Thank you,



What on earth is this guided imagery therapy?

How can I feel loved, be love and give love, if ‘I’ don’t love myself, if I don’t accept myself, if I hate myself and my life as well? Are you crazy?!!!! You may be asking.


All the points you mention above are fairly valid. Anyone going through lack of love, will be very surprised and doubting they can feel loved. They may not even finish reading this article!



If you can please lend me your eyes for a little…

What is the purest love out there? Take a guess!

I think it’s a mother’s love. Hold on, keep reading. Yes, some mothers are warm and giving to their children and some are the exact opposite!


What then? Where is the solution??!


First of all, I chose to write about the love of a mother particularly because I believe it’s the purest form of love. It is giving without requesting anything in return. After all, how can a mother demand from her infant?

Yes, she will expect respect and kindness from her kids when they are all grown up. It’s only fair..


if you don’t know what a mother’s love should be like, why don’t you take a moment to think about it…


A mother’s love is everything that is beautiful.  Many individuals grew up with a non-giving mothers. The mother did not show affection. This then created a lack of love and affection in the child. This emptiness remained with the child even when they reached adulthood.


Is there a way out??

Yes there is, through guided imagery therapy. What if you as an adult imagined that your mother had all the beautiful qualities that you would have wanted in your mother. Try to think of the most admirable quality you would have wished your mother had shown you. Now imagine this every morning, night and when you feel like you need to.

Would you be the same person?


I guarantee you would not be!!!

I, like others, also feel unloved

Sometimes, you may not have anyone to show you the love that you desire. That’s life! But guess what? There are many others in the exact same position you’re in. All over the world. We have to accept that! We can however change this!  It starts with us accepting, loving and taking care of ourselves.



Life moves on without you receiving the love you desire. Again, despite you thinking that you are the ‘ONLY ONE’ lacking love, there are many in this world that are currently going through the SAME THING.


It’s a blessing when you are able to look past that and be able to feel love and to live a happy and fulfilled life. Don’t be surprised, but you might be able to give love! Because you become love.


This is what professionals in the health field call guided image therapy.


This is it! Guided Image Therapy


Why Am I Feeling This Way

You’re frustrated, sad, lonely, numb (no emotions), and may be you feel depressed.

The reason some of us feel this way is because we don’t feel ‘loved.’ Sometimes people may tells us that they ‘love us,’ but their actions are otherwise

*I have learned that actions prove what is inside a person’s heart and mind.*

So no matter how many times you hear “I love you,” remember to look at the action! Observe the action from a third person’s perspective.

Let’s imagine: Someone walking down the street sees you with another person. What would they think when they see you guys? Would they say that you respect one another, you’re gentle with each other or will they say you ignore and turn away from each other and don’t pay attention to each other?

You must place yourself in a third person’s shoes, so that you are able to answer these questions. I feel this is a valuable advice.

So going back to feeling lonely, sad and depressed, would you be feeling that way if you felt loved?

I don’t think you would be feeling like that if you felt loved! Isn’t that right?

It is important that you remember there are thousands and thousands if not more of people who feel depressed, sad, lonely and unloved. Don’t let yourself think that you are the only one feeling like this and then become further depressed as a result of having these thoughts!

If you are feeling these strong unbearable emotions, know that you are not alone!! And that you can overcome this!!! Know that it takes time and effort to be able to heal your wounds!

I, like others, also feel unloved

I am thankful for my armour and so should you!!

In all honesty, I think we were all born with positivity! 😀  Everything about us is positive. However, as we get older, we lose some of the positivity for many reasons. One for sure is, others have stripped it off from us. I think the reason they were able to do so is because we didn’t realize the importance of holding on to positivity. And even if we did, how would we know how to hold on to it?

Ok, listen.

Let’s imagine you add beautiful things into a jar. Okay, and unfortunately, sometimes the jar forms holes.

Can you guess why?

You see when someone says something that is upsetting and untrue, keep that outside your heart and mind, don’t let in. If you do let it in, your jar will have a hole/heartache and a beautiful piece inside of you might be broken or just leave you.

We all face situations where we are accused of something we did not do. ..so let us be very careful in taking care of not allowing things to go deep inside to eventually create a hole.

How do you prevent holes/heartaches?

Yes, think of a soldier. The soldier stands up-straight and confident. After all, he has his armour and everything he needs to protect himself.

So, you may be asking, what is this armour? Where do I get it from?


Think about it.

Your armour is:

-self acceptance (accepting yourself)

-self love

-self care

-a positive body image

-positive self-talk

-a positive outlook on life

Please note that the armour does not include arrogance, however, it includes all the positive things that will make someone very confident and loving.


Incorporating self-acceptance in our system is a great first step to creating and sustaining positivity.


You are a beautiful garden!

You are a beautiful garden!

You’re a garden. Really. You need to nourish you. Inside of you, are all the positives that anyone can wish for!!

I imagine that inside of me is/are:




-sun shine

-glowing light, shining down upon me


-good perfume

-hawaii paradise

-positive thoughts

all the good that one can imagine.

The thing is, it’s very important that you be careful not to receive too much energy from the environment. Yes, that’s right! Don’t wait on your mom to give you ….

You must create that positivity from within. We’ve all heard it many times, “don’t search for happiness from the outside.”

Be happy for this moment. You have an opportunity to switch your life around. It all starts with you!

Take care of your garden.