Loving outside of my heart??!

Hey lovely people! I am telling you to love people but do not put them in your heart.


Now I understand the explanation in the previous blog post (You will be surprised to hear the answer…) about this way of loving may not be easy to grasp, simply because the entire world knows that love means having someone in your heart!!!

However, there are people in this world who follow the explanation provided above ( loving someone outside of the heart [i.e. loving the person by having them in your arms close to your heart!]). The advantage of applying this is, when there are relationship issues,  there will be less heartache!






Please keep in mind that loving someone by holding them dearly in your arms is still considered sincere love.. remember, the whole point of choosing not to place anyone in your heart is so heartaches don’t happen!! That’s all. There are no agendas after this 😀

When you control what should and should not go in your heart, you will certainly feel and become powerful! When you are powerful, you are not bound to anything. That means you are not tied down!! You have freedom! And you must be free to experience happiness!! Freedom can have many contexts. The freedom I am speaking about in this post, is the freedom of the heart!

Choose to love wisely, if you don’t want the heartache!

~All souls are worthy~







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