I fell in love with Your Faithfulness, my dear friend

All souls are worthy of faithful persons in their lives. We are all worthy of having a faithful partner. We are all worthy of having a faithful friend.

EVERYONE deserves to have faithful people in their lives. As a matter of fact, having one faithful person is a treasure.

We are all worthy of faithful friends. Ones that will support us in our tough times and ones that will be there to support us in our accomplishments.

A faithful friend is not easy to find. However, they aren’t impossible to find!

Remember there are 7. 125 billion people in the world, at least one of them is to be faithful.

A faithful friend is one who will show up when you are going through hardship. When you call them, within a blink of an eye you find them next to you.

A faithful friend is a blessing. A gift from The Lord.

A faithful friend is a listening ear.

It’s the smile they put on your face, when you have no reason to smile.

Faithfulness is a blessing.

Faithfulness is an act and not just promises! Rather, it’s a fulfilled promise.

Faith is hope.

Faith is respect.

Faith is love.

Faith saves lives.

I fell in love with your faithfulness, my love!


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