How to make friends?!!

Do adults need friends? Yes, of course. When you meet friends you are giving yourself the opportunity to vent/ let out the energy within in you (but in a positive way).  When you hang out with friends, you are creating a connection.

This connection is important because it reinforces the fact that we belong! And we need to feel this…

Friends should be showing empathy and should be a listening ear. Friends are the ones that give sound advice. Friends become family.

Friends can either make you or break you, so we need to choose wisely!

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to find friends. When we were younger, it was second nature.

There are quite of few ways to finding friends:

  1. Go through your Facebook list of friends, and scroll down and assess which friends you can actually connect with. The initial and most important connection is not based on hobby and skills, rather it’s based on similar feelings towards things and the way we think. Are they sensitive? If you are very sensitive, you will get along with a friend who is sensitive just like you. Please keep in mind that you both can have different interests, however, there needs to kindled spirits. When you scroll down your list of friends, keep assessing which of them may have similar kindled spirit/personality as you. Then message them and check on how they are doing. Slowly, you will ask to meet them at a place and at a time. You can also take them for coffee or lunch.


  1. Put yourself out there. You can do this by putting yourself in areas where you wouldn’t normally be in, such as attending a sport tournament. Additionally, you may want to try different things, you can sign up for a sewing class, for a baking class. Think of the things you enjoy and go do them. Do you enjoy soccer? Sign up for soccer. Put yourself in areas that you enjoy and get to know one or two individuals in that setting.

Lets make friends (good ones, the ones that add positivity to the world).

Love you dear ones 😀

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