Forgive mYSelf?! You may be thinking how?!

I’ve learned to forgive myself. You may be thinking how?!

Whenever a thought comes to mind, I assess is it helpful? or not?

If it is not helpful, I don’t dig further to solve the problem. I leave it alone. The reason is if you do try to solve the problem, you become more stressed.

Sometimes, I ask myself, why can’t I smile better??! Other times I ask myself, how does my smile look to others? Is it a tired smile or a sincere smile?

When I see that my smile is tired, I become stressed and I want to fix it to be better.

However, I have realized that the more I tried to ‘solve the issue,’ the worse it became!!

I learned to leave it alone. If my smile is coming out right, it’s fine!! Let it come out and in any shape, way or form!!

I am not going to stress myself over fixing a smile…

Can you imagine the mental relief that comes from letting things pass by and not challenging these thoughts.

When you accept the situation, you feel at peace!

Would you ever forgive yourself?! Why?

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