Dear, keep on moving!

The most important thing is to continue…you were never created to remain stagnant and hopeless. Sometimes we reach a point where we don’t know why things are not progressing. It’s like we are doing our very best and nothing seems to change. And so sometimes what you have to do is remain persistent at what you are doing and then you will reap the benefits.

But, it’s important to reassess your situation and adjust as needed. In any case, stopping is not part of success. Pausing is okay, stopping is not!

Think about this:

You want to get to the end of the street. You walk then stop (which is ok) then you walk some more. However, if you stop, you will never reach your destination…you have to keep moving. No one has ever received anything whilst they were stagnant. They needed to move to get to where they want to be.

So, keep moving my dear soul!

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