Are you worthy? Yes!!!

That feeling. Those whom have felt it are blessed. That feeling is indescribable!

When I think of how to see my self-worth, I imagine going to the mall and looking at and comparing a Plasma Tv to an LCD Tv.

Which one is better? Which one is worth more (not in its price but in its quality)?

At this point, I am probably comparing the features of both kinds of Tvs. I am also looking into their disadvantages.

Eventually, I will choose the Plasma Tv that is because:

  • it has clearer images
  • it has a big screen
  • overall looks nice

Note, this high featured Tv was actually put on a low discounted price.

Just like this high featured Tv is put on for discount, unfortunately, there are amazing people out there that are made to feel unworthy, unwanted, and unloved.

Please note that Tv’s features has NOT CHANGED. Similarly, that amazing individual has not changed, however, people’s perceptions have changed.

Take note of another metaphor, YOU can be a Diamond, but at any given time, you could be put on discount, without reason!

Are you still worthy?! YES.

What about financial success… whose worthy of financial success and having financial freedom?

That would be you and I.

Many people are financially successful, meaning they can afford what they want.

They are capable of travelling anywhere!

These people not only make good amount money, they also L.O.V.E. their job.

And so they are seen as ‘lucky’ individuals who have been blessed to have such a life!

But, is that really true? Are they in fact ‘lucky?’

Actually, most millionaires in the world are….SELF-made.

That’s right! You read that correctly!!

The next question should be, if they are self-made millionaires, is there a potential that I may be financially successful???!

Well, why not???

After all, these individuals (many) do not have an educational background. So financial success does not have to do with having an educational degree.

Yes. Some of those millionaires do not have a high school nor a college degree!

It really has to do with the way you think about money.

And by that I mean, do you think that you are able to become financially successful?

Do you think you are worthy of  being financially successful?

Here’s my mentor explaining financial success and freedom:

Now, I don’t believe in ‘luck!’

I do however believe in strong will, determination, not giving up mentality, having strong belief, taking action and consistency (today and every day, to the best of one’s ability). This kind of mentality will produce the reality that you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember to stay POSITIVE! Stay STRONG, MOTIVATED, FEELING WORTHY, till the last day of your life.

You are worthy of financial success and respect and all goodness that exists.

People put you on discount for their benefit! But you will NOT BETRAY YOURSELF! You have got GOD’S help.

Finally, for financial success don’t forget to check Stuart- my mentor (Co-founder of The SFM):

All the best!

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