Beautiful Souls!

Yes. Beautiful souls exist.

Have I met any? Yes…

I ‘ll be honest though, I can literally count two from all the people that I know. One of them lives far away (across the ocean).

What are the requirements for someone to be considered to have a beautiful soul?

A beautiful soul is someone that you can connect with.

A beautiful souls is someone who is understanding.

A beautiful soul is someone who listens with compassion. A beautiful soul is made of a beautiful heart.

A beautiful soul has a heart of a treasure.

What a beautiful soul looks like:

A beautiful soul are the eyes that look with mercy.

A beautiful soul is a soft spoken voice.

A beautiful soul feels what the other person is going through. It has empathy.

A beautiful soul is genuine.

A beautiful soul accepts.

A beautiful soul does not judge.

A beautiful soul thinks well of others (they are aware but are not dumb).

A beautiful does not raise their voice.

A beautiful soul is a strong soul. It stands up for its self and for others.

A beautiful soul is not a weak soul.

A beautiful soul is a smiling face.

The world needs beautiful souls.

Will we try to be one?!

Hopelessness…ending my life!

Sometimes you might reach a point in your life where you’ve had it.

You just want it to end. Life. You feel that nothing is good, nothing makes you happy. Nothing makes you excited and hopeful.

You seriously question why you are even living…like there is no point!!

And to end this pain, you want end your life.

The only thing that will make me feel better is if I get my mind of these thoughts.

And you know what, laughter also helps!

Why have these negative thoughts started to come?

I think it’s because, for some time, I’ve been trying to accomplish things, but I wasn’t accomplishing anything. So that’s one reason.

The other reason is that I felt irritated from the people around me. I felt like they were so unfair. Whenever I voiced my opinions they would get all defensive. I am not rude. I am just blunt! I used to always go with the flow. But I realized you won’t get anywhere in life if you don’t have a voice that shows YOUR viewpoints on things. That’s why I’ve been trying to learn to be blunt and to skip the sweet talk because I feel that makes me deliver my points clearly and it sounds more professional at work.

This has been the first time that I’ve had suicidal thoughts. I didn’t know how to make these thoughts go away.

And I now know how it feels to have suicidal thoughts!

It really isn’t in your hands…these thoughts come up because when you look to the right you see problems and when you look to the left you see problems and negativity.

I remember I was begging God to remove these thoughts! I felt like I was suffocating physically and mentally.

Eventually these thoughts went away.

I was so scared of these thoughts that I wanted my mind to think of anything else. So after 15 minutes, I realized that the intensity was much lower.

I reflected as to why that was so.

I learned that when you have suicidal thoughts you have to get your mind of it so that you have a peace of mind. At this point it doesn’t matter why you are having these thoughts or who did you wrong. What matter is that you be mindful. And that’s what I did, I was mindful of what I was doing. At that time, I was picking flowers from a gardening shop to plant in our backyard. So I was aware and I acknowledged these thoughts were present.

The solution that I had taken was to get my mind off these thoughts…and so being mindful of my surroundings helped me a lot!

I am ever so thankful that I have learned this!

We always hear the importance of being mindful and living in the moment. Mindfulness/ living in the moment is especially important when you have negative thoughts or you are stressing about something. Because no matter how much you think about it, the only way it will be resolved is when you take action and not by rethinking the situation.

So please keep in mind, that whenever you have negative thoughts or you are stressing about things, remember to pause and to look at your surroundings. If you do this for 5 minutes your mind will be at rest.

Dear beautiful souls, I wish you nothing but happiness and peace of mind.

Love <3

Seriously, are we ALL worthy??!

All souls are worthy!!!

Wait, do you mean to say that I am worthy like that person I know?

But how so?

Many of us we are made to feel that we are unworthy from a very young age.

Remember the times when:

-As a child, we always wanted attention. That’s the period where we are building our identities.

you would call on your mom or dad and they would be too carried away with what they are doing that they forget to respond.

-maybe you asked for help from your family members and they avoided you.

-maybe you wanted them to understand you, but instead they dismissed your feelings and blamed you for the way you were feeling.

-maybe they misunderstood you every time you communicated with them.

-they favoured your siblings over you.

-they were not as nice as you wished them to be.

-they disagreed with you all the time and conflict was always there between you and them.

-when you asked questions, made suggestions, voiced your concerns, perhaps they dismissed all of that.

-maybe when you speak they speak over you.

-maybe they never gave you the space to contribute to ideas.

-maybe they didn’t spend enough time with you.

You see, all these things when done over time, it tells the brain: ‘If my parents are not treating me well, that means I am not worthy of goodness.’

Firstly, you’ve got to understand that we are all born worthy. Unfortunately, people have their own issues and insecurities and end up dumping their dump on us.

Let’s look at worthiness for a little. What does it mean when we say ‘I am worthy?’ What determines that someone is worthy?

What makes someone unworthy???

Ask yourself this question, what determines who is worthy?

Instantly, the answer should be ‘we are all worthy’, period.

No one can determine who is worthy except for God. And God is fair and just and so He sees all of us as worthy.

The story of Adam and satan is quite an interesting one. Satan said that I am better than Adam. God did not like that.

So as a result he was punished.

This shows how we have no right whatsoever to judge others and to show pride over them.

We all have our unique qualities that are meant to be put to use.

So, simply put, we are all different yet we are all worthy!



Don’t Do Injustice To Your Soul!


We all know that sometimes we can all fall into the trap of showing injustice to our soul, often unintentionally. However, we frequently talk about how others mistreat us and demolish our soul.

But right now, I want to focus on us, hurting Our souls. I want to focus on what we do exactly, how we do it, why we do it and when do we do it.

Let’s start off with why we hurt our souls (often unintentionally).

The answer: We do so to escape the feeling of pain…ironic eh? But do we actually relive that pain??

Now, the what, how and when we do it is for example when: A person goes through troubling times at work and at home and does not have a good support network, so to relieve the pain and loneliness he or she turns to drugs.

Here of course, we have not relieved the pain. We’ve just added another type of pain, so then, what is the solution?

What do we do when we are facing troubling times?

Well, we need to stay far away from things like drugs, smoking, over eating, sex (for the sake of reliving emotional pain) because all of these can lead to greater emotional pain.

The question is: How do we deal with emotional pain?

There are so many ways of dealing with emotional pain…articles can be written on all of these ideas:

Number 1: Connect with a Higher Power (God):

Since we are spiritual human beings, it is important that we clean and nourish our souls from harm. You can connect through a simple prayer and ask for guidance.

Number 2: Speak to someone.

It can be super difficult to speak to someone about our emotional pain. The reasons could be that we want privacy, we don’t want to feel ashamed, we don’t want to be blamed, etc.

By keeping your feelings inside you will eventually break down and so to avoid this stage, seek comfort by speaking to someone you trust, it could be a crisis help line (you don’t have to be going through a crisis to call, if you feel sad, down or lonely, they would like to listen and to help make you feel comfortable again), friend, a family member, your neighbour, your doctor, your therapist… you can also find face book support groups for different types of struggles, e.g there is a face book support group for those struggling with depression, with drugs, with alcohol, with smoking, with over eating and under eating, etc.

Number 3. Speak to yourself out loudly…

(so that you can hear what you are feeling)

Ask yourself, what am I feeling, why am I feeling this way, what are the different positive things that I could do to make myself feel better and to resolve this issue.

You can also keep a journal and write down what you are feeling, when you have started to feel it, why you are feeling that way and what kind of things would you do to resolve the issues and make yourself feel better.

Number 4: Talk to yourself as you would speak to someone who is seeking your advice.

What would you say to someone who is going through exactly what you are going through?

What kind of options would you help him or her come up with?

What would you advise them not to do?

The first two are essential and should not be dismissed or underestimated.

I hope you had a positive reading experience learning about the four things that we can do when we feel down or frustrated, as opposed to seeking harmful alternatives.