a Happy ending!

You know that feeling. I believe we have ALL EXPERIENCED the feeling where you are with a group, yet at the same time, you feel like you are actually ALONE! Robin Williams said, “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel alone.”

In all honesty, William hit the nail on the head.

Despite not having a nice group to be part of, it is important to keep searching for such a group, or perhaps you can create that group….!

You can do so by carefully selecting one individual at a time until you form an incredible group! And it is doable!!

Having a social life has without doubt proven its unimaginable positive impact on physical and mental health. As an introvert, I am a firm believer that we are social creatures! Do keep in mind by saying someone is an introvert, it means that they lean more towards introversion. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have extroversion within them!


Remember, be around the people who bring out the best of you!:D

How to make friends?!!

Do adults need friends? Yes, of course. When you meet friends you are giving yourself the opportunity to vent/ let out the energy within in you (but in a positive way).  When you hang out with friends, you are creating a connection.

This connection is important because it reinforces the fact that we belong! And we need to feel this…

Friends should be showing empathy and should be a listening ear. Friends are the ones that give sound advice. Friends become family.

Friends can either make you or break you, so we need to choose wisely!

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to find friends. When we were younger, it was second nature.

There are quite of few ways to finding friends:

  1. Go through your Facebook list of friends, and scroll down and assess which friends you can actually connect with. The initial and most important connection is not based on hobby and skills, rather it’s based on similar feelings towards things and the way we think. Are they sensitive? If you are very sensitive, you will get along with a friend who is sensitive just like you. Please keep in mind that you both can have different interests, however, there needs to kindled spirits. When you scroll down your list of friends, keep assessing which of them may have similar kindled spirit/personality as you. Then message them and check on how they are doing. Slowly, you will ask to meet them at a place and at a time. You can also take them for coffee or lunch.


  1. Put yourself out there. You can do this by putting yourself in areas where you wouldn’t normally be in, such as attending a sport tournament. Additionally, you may want to try different things, you can sign up for a sewing class, for a baking class. Think of the things you enjoy and go do them. Do you enjoy soccer? Sign up for soccer. Put yourself in areas that you enjoy and get to know one or two individuals in that setting.

Lets make friends (good ones, the ones that add positivity to the world).

Love you dear ones 😀

Forgive mYSelf?! You may be thinking how?!

I’ve learned to forgive myself. You may be thinking how?!

Whenever a thought comes to mind, I assess is it helpful? or not?

If it is not helpful, I don’t dig further to solve the problem. I leave it alone. The reason is if you do try to solve the problem, you become more stressed.

Sometimes, I ask myself, why can’t I smile better??! Other times I ask myself, how does my smile look to others? Is it a tired smile or a sincere smile?

When I see that my smile is tired, I become stressed and I want to fix it to be better.

However, I have realized that the more I tried to ‘solve the issue,’ the worse it became!!

I learned to leave it alone. If my smile is coming out right, it’s fine!! Let it come out and in any shape, way or form!!

I am not going to stress myself over fixing a smile…

Can you imagine the mental relief that comes from letting things pass by and not challenging these thoughts.

When you accept the situation, you feel at peace!

Would you ever forgive yourself?! Why?

Are you worthy? Yes!!!

That feeling. Those whom have felt it are blessed. That feeling is indescribable!

When I think of how to see my self-worth, I imagine going to the mall and looking at and comparing a Plasma Tv to an LCD Tv.

Which one is better? Which one is worth more (not in its price but in its quality)?

At this point, I am probably comparing the features of both kinds of Tvs. I am also looking into their disadvantages.

Eventually, I will choose the Plasma Tv that is because:

  • it has clearer images
  • it has a big screen
  • overall looks nice

Note, this high featured Tv was actually put on a low discounted price.

Just like this high featured Tv is put on for discount, unfortunately, there are amazing people out there that are made to feel unworthy, unwanted, and unloved.

Please note that Tv’s features has NOT CHANGED. Similarly, that amazing individual has not changed, however, people’s perceptions have changed.

Take note of another metaphor, YOU can be a Diamond, but at any given time, you could be put on discount, without reason!

Are you still worthy?! YES.

What about financial success… whose worthy of financial success and having financial freedom?

That would be you and I.

Many people are financially successful, meaning they can afford what they want.

They are capable of travelling anywhere!

These people not only make good amount money, they also L.O.V.E. their job.

And so they are seen as ‘lucky’ individuals who have been blessed to have such a life!

But, is that really true? Are they in fact ‘lucky?’

Actually, most millionaires in the world are….SELF-made.

That’s right! You read that correctly!!

The next question should be, if they are self-made millionaires, is there a potential that I may be financially successful???!

Well, why not???

After all, these individuals (many) do not have an educational background. So financial success does not have to do with having an educational degree.

Yes. Some of those millionaires do not have a high school nor a college degree!

It really has to do with the way you think about money.

And by that I mean, do you think that you are able to become financially successful?

Do you think you are worthy of  being financially successful?

Here’s my mentor explaining financial success and freedom:


Now, I don’t believe in ‘luck!’

I do however believe in strong will, determination, not giving up mentality, having strong belief, taking action and consistency (today and every day, to the best of one’s ability). This kind of mentality will produce the reality that you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember to stay POSITIVE! Stay STRONG, MOTIVATED, FEELING WORTHY, till the last day of your life.

You are worthy of financial success and respect and all goodness that exists.

People put you on discount for their benefit! But you will NOT BETRAY YOURSELF! You have got GOD’S help.

Finally, for financial success don’t forget to check Stuart- my mentor (Co-founder of The SFM): http://tidyurl.com/wvfso6

All the best!


If only you knew the power of worthiness. Do you know the feeling of being ‘worthy’?? That feeling gives you power. You feel like you are in control. You feel unbeatable. You can challenge the world. When you feel worthy you feel powerful. You feel that you are right, coming from confidence.

When you feel worthy, you feel that you deserve everything just as everyone else. When you feel worthy, you don’t judge yourself. When you feel worthy, you are your biggest supporter. You are your friend! Feeling worthy is so powerful. It feels as if you have everything you could ever wish for.

Wow, I wish they taught us in school how to feel Worthy. Question, if your friends felt worthy, would they have self-harmed themselves? If they felt worthy, would they have taken their lives away?

Worthiness is priceless. Its value is worth more than millions.

If you have ever felt worthy, you know what I mean…may God bestow that feeling upon us.

Can feelings of worthiness be gained? And, how so?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned, is to be easy on myself. Pressure is already surrounding me, I don’t need any more.

Just like you can train yourself to gain self-confidence, you can also train yourself to create and develop self-worthiness.


The Importance of MENTAL HEALTH

What is mental health?

Mental health has many definitions.  It includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). And by social well-being it refers to your interaction with society (for example, do you tend to isolate yourself due to depression and anxiety? Do you interact positively with others?).

Why is mental health important?

Mental health is incredibly essential to be able to live a healthy and satisfying life. Mental health is to be able to handle daily stress and stress during hardships. Many people do not know much about mental health and that puts them at risk of having poor mental health. Because as you may know, everyone needs to take care of their mental health and if you are unaware of what it entails, you will not be able to take good care of it.

Mental Health helps with:

-better social interactions

-handling stress better

-Self-care (tips: Take good care of your hygiene, go out for a walk, take a trip, bake, work on fun projects, participate in a new sport activity, go to the library and pick a self-development book).

***People who are experience poor mental health often handle stress with stress.

How to develop mental health?

First of all, if you feel like you are stressed most of the time, its best that you speak to a health professional/ therapist. In your first visit, they will ask you what kind of things are stressing you, and then you both work on a plan to reduce or possibly eliminate the stress. This is such a life changing experience!!

Facts on mental health:

-Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29 year olds. For each adult who died there were 20 or more attempted suicide.

-Mental health effects all ages, education and income levels and cultures.

-Mortality rate due to suicide for men is 4 times the rate among women.

-Mental illnesses can be effectively treated, unlike what people think.

Struggling With Making Money?

At some point in our lives, we all struggled with money! Many are working part time to be able to stay with their children at home, or maybe they are working part-time because they cannot find a full-time stable job. It is certainly not easy for all the families!

For me personally, I needed to find a job to pay off my $27,000 (approx.) school loan. And when I had graduated, I was not able to find a permanent, full-time job. So when I found temporary work, I knew that I had to look for another job soon.

After graduating from university, this pattern continued for two years. This is when I would do some research into finding an online business that I can pursue and feel comfortable in knowing that I am hiring myself and working for My business to grow and be successful!

I am so thankful that I had done my research! It did take some time to find an online business idea. I did find a couple of online businesses, however, the one I chose which is Six Figure Mentors, check it out: http://tidyurl.com/qtlbj0 seemed the most trustworthy of them all.

I dug very deep into this online business, to make sure I was not going for a scam. The last thing I wanted to do was throw my money away at a scam!

I am very glad that I have pursued this online business because it gives you a peace of mind when you know you just hired yourself and you’re working for your own business, which means you are going to put in your best effort to reap the benefits!

If you want a peace of mind in money matters and want to hire and work for your own self, then, why not take this chance to look into this online business that I have also started??

You deserve financial freedom and success.

Please let me know what you think of it!! 🙂

All the BEST!! =)))

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